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Our Approach

  • You Inform and We Listen

    We actively listen to understand your situation. We want to know what’s important to you, what are your concerns, what are your goals and what information can you provide us. You inform us about all aspects of the case, and we will study the documents in hand to solve the problem.

  • Supporting Laws and Developing Your Defense

    Our experienced experts use all the legal information and laws at their disposal. Once we know what we’re up against, we develop our defense approach. We determine the information we need and develop that information. We track down and interview witnesses, involve experts, draft statements, tell you what you can do, and we investigate the law. The goal is to find a strategy that will work most effectively to get the best outcome. We think outside of the box. You are important to us, your case is important to us and we won’t limit ourselves in achieving your goals.

  • We Predict the Possible Outcomes

    We help you to understand the realistic outcomes of the problem you’re facing throughout your case. We identify all the different scenarios and we will explain how we will work to get the best result.

  • We Get To Work Representing You

    When both parties have agreed, we assign you a defense lawyer and will discuss the fee. If we decided to work together, we typically take half the fee upfront after signing the contract agreement and the remaining fee is acquired after completion of the case.

  • We End Your Problem

    Once we actively begin taking on your case, you can get back to your normal routine.We manage your case and all communications in court (Primary Court, Appellate Court, and Supreme Court), Huqoq Department, the Attorney General’s Office, as well as any other judicial institutions as required. We constantly keep you informed and let you know of the progress we have made. We notify all interested parties that we are your counsel and all communication and information should come to us.If there is a need for you to speak, we discuss when and how that should occur.We interface with all the key players.We prepare you for key meetings and all meetings.We prepare you to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.We identify the information we need and we get it.We assert your rights.